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About the Easton Volunteer Fire Department

The Easton VFD was founded on April 20, 1808, making it the oldest civic organization on the eastern shore of Maryland. We are located in beautiful and historic Easton, MD. Our response area includes a mix of urban, suburban, rural, commercial, and industrial areas. There are several major highways and waterways that we protect. The Easton VFD also has some extra responsibilities, such as providing fire and rescue services to the second busiest jet airport in the State of Maryland, and providing fire and EMS support to various government officials that reside in Talbot County. We currently operate out of two fire stations. Our headquarters station is located on Aurora Park Drive, and our substation is located on Matthewstown Road. The Easton VFD operates a total of five engines, a heavy rescue, a 6000 gallon tanker, an aerial tower, two brush units, two utility vehicles, an EMS unit, an incident command unit, and the Chief of the Department's vehicle. We have an active fire prevention education program with a fire safety awareness display trailer, educating more than 1,500 people annually. We respond to approximately 1000 fire and rescue related emergencies in or near our town every year. We also provide mutual aid to most of Talbot County, as well as parts of Caroline County, MD. All of our members are 100% volunteer.

EVFD Headquarters on Aurora Park Drive

EVFD Headquarters on Aurora Park Drive

EVFD Substation on Matthewstown Road

EVFD Substation on Matthewstown Road


MVC with Fuel Leak

Saturday, April 19, 2014 15:22 While clearing from a Natural Cover fire on Aberdeen Lane, Easton (Station 60) & Cordova (Station 50) Volunteers and TCEMS were alerted for MVC with multiple vehicles in the area of Eastbound Ocean Gateway in the area of Easton Bypass N.

TCEMS 2 arrived on location reporting 2 vehicles involved with large truck off the roadway.  Easton Police closed eastbound Ocean Gateway and established detours.  Rescue 61 arrived and confirmed the previous report, (611 Caldwell) established command, upon finding no serious injuries, Cordova units were cancelled.  Chief 61 (601 S. Jones) arrived and assumed Ocean Gateway command.  

Easton Volunteers worked to contain fuel that leaked from the saddle tanks until a pump off unit from Kent Island VFD arrived to remove the fuel.  Once done, command placed the situation under control.  Units were on scene for over 2 hours, however, Ocean Gateway was closed for over 4 hours while towing companies worked to recover the truck from the "other side" of the guard rail.

Units Responding:  Rescue 61, Chief 61, Brush 69, Tanker 61, Chief 60, Engine 64, TCEMS 2 & PM90, Kent Island VFD Hazmat, Easton Police, MSP, SHA



Easton VFD Hockey Night

Thursday, March 6, 2014  Easton VFD members gathered at the Talbot County Community Center for a pick-up game of hockey on Thursday night. Members had a great time, got to show off their hockey "skills," and got some "play fighting" in as well. Thanks to Lieutenant Mike Ziegler for organizing a fun event.



2013 Year in Review

2013 Easton VFD Year in Review

A Look Back at the Calls and Events of 2013



EVFD's Harrison Receives Award

Easton Volunteer Fire Department Captain John Harrison was recently named Talbot County Firefighter of the Year, by American Legion Post 70 and 77.  Captain Harrison oversees department training and has been instrumental in securing land for EVFD training facility, obtaining necessary training materials and coordination of building training props.  This facility will allow the Easton Volunteers to train more often, and perform tasks such as vehicle extrication and structure ventilation in a life like setting.  A 15 year veteran of the department, Harrison  is a past recipient of EVFD's Rookie of the Year and Firefighter of the Year Awards.  Nominated because of his commitment and dedication to the department, John lives by our Motto, "Service for Others".


Photo Courtesy: Jill Harrison

UPDATE: On Thursday February 27, 2014 Captain John Harrison was also named the Knights of Columbus Regina Coeli Council 2274 Talbot County Firefighter of the Year for 2014. Congratulations once again John!



Building Fire at George's Green Thumb

Sunday, November 3, 2013 12:29 Talbot Center dispatched Station 60 (Easton), Station 50 (Cordova), and Paramedic 90 (Talbot County EMS) for a Structure Fire at 29959 Matthewstown Road, George’s Green Thumb, with Hazmat and Exposures.  Chief 60 (S.Jones) arrived, initially reporting heavy smoke, fire breaking through the roof and established “Matthewstown Road Command".  After beginning a 360 degree survey of the building, command advised there were propane tanks burning on the Charlie Side of the building and requested a Tanker Task Force.  Stations 20 (Oxford), 40 (St. Michaels), 80 (Queen Anne – Hillsboro) and Caroline 300 (Denton) were alerted.

Engine 68 arrived on the Bravo Side and established a 2.5” Blitz Line to protect the propane tanks and 1.75” Line for fire suppression.  Engine 64 arrived on the Delta Side and put 2 - 1.75” Lines in service for suppression, a third 1.75” line was placed in service to extinguish spot fires along a fence caused by blowing embers.   Chief 61 (K.Dulin) arrived and was designated as Operations Officer.  Tanker 61 arrived and began supplying Engine 68.  Tanker 44 arrived and established supply to Engine 64.  Chief 80 (Morgan) was designated Water Supply, Chief 40 (P.Jones) established a fill site with Engine 65.  During operations, EVFD Past Chief T. Knotts was designated Safety Officer. 

Crews quickly contained the fire; however, due to the condition of the propane tanks, they had to leak off before operations could be concluded.  The situation was put under control at 1521 hrs and units were released.  During investigation by the Maryland State Fire Marshall’s office, Engine 64 returned to the scene to mop up a few hot spots.  The cause of the fire remains under investigation by the Maryland State Fire Marshal.


Units responding – Initial Alarm: Chief 60, Chief 61, Engine 64, Engine 68, Tanker 61, Rescue 61, Engine 52, Tanker 53, Paramedic 90, Easton Police, Talbot Sherrif Department

Units responding – Tanker Task Force:  Engine 65, Engine 27, Tanker 20, Chief 40, Tanker 44, Chief 80, Tanker 86, Caroline Tanker 306

Photos By: Chris Hash & Rich Williamson



Tractor Trailer vs. Pick up - Ocean Gateway @ Easton Bypass S.

Saturday, October 5, 2013  At approximately 1126 hrs, Talbot Center dispatched Station 60 (Easton) and Paramedics 90/93 (Talbot County EMS) on Rescue Box 6-3, for a 10-50PI, reported serious, involving a Tractor Trailer on EB U.S 50 at Easton Bypass South.  Chief 61 (K.Dulin) and Paramedic 93 arrived, reporting Tractor Trailer and Pick up involved with a boat in the roadway and a large debris field and began checking injuries. 

Chief 60 (S.Jones) arrived and established “Ocean Gateway” Command, advising Eastbound  Ocean Gateway would be closed to traffic.  Engine 68 was the first unit to arrive and assisted PM 93 with extrication and packaging of patients.  Rescue 61 arrived to assist with patients and clear the left lane of debris to allow for traffic flow past the accident scene.  Patients were quickly transported to local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

Traffic flow re-established with 15 minutes and command placed the situation under control holding units working.  The right lane of Eastbound Ocean Gateway was closed to traffic for approximately 6 hours for cleanup and accident investigation.

Units Responding: Chief 60, Chief 61, Engine 68 & 64, Rescue 61, Brush 69, Paramedics 90 & 93, Easton Police, Talbot Sheriff Department, Maryland State Police, Easton Utilities and SHA.

EVFD Photos by Chris Hash



Motorcycle Accident on Ocean Gateway

Saturday, September 14, 2013  At approximately 1117 hrs, Talbot Center dispatched Station 60 (Easton) and Paramedic 90 (TCEMS) for Rescue Box 6-5, 10-50PI involving a motorcycle in the area of Airport Road.  Chief 61 (K. Dulin) arrived to find a rear end collision with the motorcycle under the rear of the pick up truck. 

Upon arrival of Fire Equipment, command advised Talbot Center that westbound Ocean Gateway would be shut down for a short period of time to allow crews to operate safely.  The patient was packaged for transport to a local hospital by PM-90 while EVFD crews worked to remove the motorcycle from under the truck.

Command placed the situation under control within 10 minutes and the highway was reopened.

Units responding: Chief 61, Rescue 61, Brush 69, Engine 64, PM 90, Easton Police, SHA Road Patrol

Photos by:  Chris Hash



EVFD Crown Fire Prevention Queens

Monday, September 9, 2013  The Easton Volunteer Fire Department recently crowned their 2013-14 Fire Prevention Queens.  Miss Easton VFD, Kaitlynn Moon, daughter of Tracie Wooters and Andy Moon is a Senior at Easton High School and an EVFD Cadet Member.  Little Miss Easton VFD, Rhyan Kirby, daughter of Kristen Gannon and Doug Kirby is in First Grade at Easton Elementary School.

Photo by K. Gannon



EVFD Reponds to Chapel Road Field Fire

Sunday, June 23, 2013 

At approximately 0723 hrs, Talbot Center dispatched Station 60 (Easton) for Local Box 6-5, a field fire in the area of Chapel Road and Gannon Road.  Chief 60 (Jones) arrived to find there several spot fires throughout a field that stretched nearly half mile in length. Station 50 (Cordova) was added to the assignment.

Command assigned Brush 66 and 69 to the field to extinguish the spot fires, and Engine 63 to extinguish a hay baler that was burning near the eastern end of the field.  Brush 56 arrived and assisted with efforts in the field.  Fires were stopped and extinguished without extension into the uncut crops nearby.

It was determined that a faulty belt in the baler machinery caused the spot fires. The burning belt dropped off the baler as it crossed the field, and ultimately caused the equipment to burn.  Command placed the situation under control within a half hour.

Units responding: Chief 60, Chief 61, Brush 69, Brush 66, Engine 63, Engine 65, Tanker 61, Engine 52, Brush 56 and Tanker 53

Photos by:  Bruce Secrist




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